In this, episode, Ashaine White talks to Jazz writer Jiaowei Hu.

Based in Shanghai, China, Jiaowei has been working closely with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Blue Note China, JZ Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai among others during the past five years. In May 2019, she accomplished a local government-commissioned research project on “Youth Engagement in Jazz Industry of Shanghai” alone. Through over 80 articles published online and in print before contributing to All About Jazz, she has – and is - a true force behind in the jazz popularization process in China.


Jiaowei tells us that ‘Through jazz writing, I hope to bring people and different parties together, to build bridges for people to meet, across ethnicities and races, across religions and beliefs, across genders and generations, across occupations and fields, even across diverse ways of thinking. That's how jazz has enlightened me, so I want to write about it in return. One day it suddenly hits me, that I should help to let the world hear what's happening in China as well. I feel it part of my mission since I'm also among those who write the most about jazz in my country. Being a long-time follower of All About Jazz, I wish to contribute, as much as to learn. To connect, as much as to be connected.

Diversity. Freedom. Naturality. I'm totally in for these and jazz just has them all. So here I am, writing on jazz from the Far East, from China. Here is a growing market; the musicians can tell, too. But that's only the shallow surface of it. To dig a bit deeper, I think today many Chinese are in common in the spirit - usually a bit timid to express it though - that we aspire to open up to the world and get connected. Be it our musicians, aficionados, agents and managers...our culture. To connect and be connected, just like anyone else.

You can follow Jiaowei Hu work here: All About Jazz - Jiaowei Hu - Jiaowei Hu on Facebook

Our Host: Ashaine White is a Freelance Vocalist, Musician and Music Journalist from London. As a recent awardee of the Girls I Rate and PRS sustaining creativity fund, Ashaine is involved in a diverse range of global Music projects and is clearly proving that she is ‘the one to watch’ in 2021.

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